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OnlineFundraising.dk is run by Fundraising Scandinavia

For many organisations, the amount of donations determines how well their goals of helping can be met. Yet still, many donors struggle with bad donation forms. This is why we made OnlineFundraising:

It should be easy to donate online!


Our vision is the gather all fundraising skills in one place and offer a total fundraising service solution for NGO’s and museums.

This creates synergy between fundraising activities, usually divided among different departments and agencies. The result is high quality fundraising and ethics standards.

We are determined to invest in the future of fundraising and support a healthy development in this sector. Our first goal is to insure a robust and easy way to donate online. This is why we are introducing OnlineFundraising.

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Stephan Viftrup

Stephan Viftrup

Digital Communication

Stephan helps organisations succeed in their digital efforts through concept development, conversion optimization and usercentric communication.


Kim Skytte Graae

Kim Skytte Graae

Fundrasing Expert

15 years experience with all fundraising aspects makes Kim our all-round fundraising guy. He can solve every fundraising problem through strong analytical skills. He uses those skills to create creative new fundraising campaigns.


Førsteklasses support

Førsteklasses support

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